Nile Leaper Site Log and Update News

[December 13, 2008]
Initial Site setup with default page and Children of the Nile description page.

[January 21, 2009]
New pages added with inital content, menu bar added, page counter added.

[February 12, 2014]
Site cleanup, for planned update.

[April 21, 2009]
Updated Dahkla Scenario to version 1.04.

[April 19, 2009]
Updated Dahkla Scenario to version 1.02.

[March 25, 2009]
Added statistical internet access flow tracking.

[March 18, 2009]
Icons updated to give a more stone glyph look. Added visual effects.

[March 12, 2009]
Scenarios.htm page added as well as an initial designed scenario for Children of the Nile (Dakhla Oasis). Link colors updated (again) for better readability. Table width limit removed from the Video page.

[March 6, 2009]
New Video added (Alex has a visual of Children of the Nile Immortal Cities).

[February 20, 2009]
Links added to other sites, link colors updated for readablility.

[February 13, 2009]
New Video added (Lara Croft playing with guns in Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile).

[February 4, 2009]
Added new page (SiteHistory.htm). Added links to the pages (, YouTube Movie Page). Added menu to COTN description page.

[February 2, 2009]
Google AdSense advertisements added. New Video added (Stargate to COTN) (as well as notice). Link added to