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Egyptian Historical Timeline as reported by the Children of the Nile manual.

The dates provided here are a compromise among sources.

Early Dynastic Period (2950 - 2575 BC)
The age of state formation - Dynasties 1 to 3.
Egypt emerges when King Menes unifies the Two Kingdoms.

Old Kingdom (2575 - 2250 BC)
The Age of the Pyramids - Dynasties 4 to 8.
The era of peace and stability begun in the Early Dynastic blossoms
with monumental building projects: the pyramids.

1st Intermediate Period (2250 - 2060 BC)
Decline and Civil War - Dynasties 9 to 11.
Local governors destroy Egypt's unity. Civil war ensues.

Middle Kingdom (2060 - 1780 BC)
The Classical Era - Dynasties 11 to 13
Prosperity resumes, Thebes (Waset) ascends, and Egypt reaches
new heights, expanding its borders south into Nubia.
   - Correct they expanded far up the nile toward the core of Africa, in Sudan there are small pyramids that prove they were there.

2nd Intermediate Period (1780 - 1550 BC)
The Age of the Hyksos.
The Asian group known as the Hyksos declare themselves the ruling
dynasty. Eventually, civil war begins again.
   - The Hyksos, who are they? I prefer not to invent things without fact, please.

New Kingdom (1550 - 1075)
The Age of Empire - Dynasties 18 to 20
The Hyksos are expelled. Pharaoh Ahmose begins a period of expansion
that will make Egypt the most powerful nation in the world.
   - The Hyksos, yea right.

Third Intermediate Period (1075 -700)
Decline of Power - Dynasties 21 to 25
Nubians conquer, and gradually reunite Egypt again.
   - The Nubians conquer? Sure. The Nubians were basically considered Egyptian by this time having been conquered quite a while ago.

Late Period (700 - 332)
End of an Empire - Dynasties 26 to 30
The Nubians rule benevolently, but are replaced by the Assyrians,
then the Persians, then Greeks, and ultimately Romans, Arabs and Turks.
Egypt won't be ruled by Egyptians again until the 19th Century AD.
   - This is where they really make me laugh! The Assyrians and Persians ruled very briefly until Alexander the great marched in. Alexander the great established his "capital" in Alexandria Egypt making the empire of Greece ruled from Egypt. Which leads to the Ptolemaic Hybrid Ruled state which is ruled from Alexandria Egypt. Sounds like self rule to me. Finally Cleopatra (Greek/Egyptian native) was conquered by Rome as the last Mediterranean province to join Rome (approx. 50 AD). After Rome it is ruled by the Arabs with governmental seat locally within Egypt. Egyptian is a form of Arab, so that is self rule! Granted it is Islamic Arab not Pharaonic, but the difference is religious not ethnic! Even though it seems to me that the Islamic rulers did not do as well as the Pharaohs, they are still both a form of Arab!