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Designed Scenarios for Play

Currently listed scenarios for playing Children of the Nile: Immortal Cities.
Should you have a scenario or campaign you would like to have listed, please, email

Dakhla Oasis
Welcome to Dakhla (v1.04), where one might learn how to rise above the primitives of 8000-9000 B.C. and the dawn of Egypt. This is an initial scenario of which is planned to be a campaign. It is, also, my first go at it, and therefore I spent a large amount of time trying fully grasp how the triggers responded. There should not be any bugs. I throughly, tested it. Have fun, and PLEASE let me know what you think. - Akutra Cea,

To install, place "dakhla.scn" file in your COTN scenarios folder. I'll probably make an installer later, but for now simply copy it to that folder.